Deliverable: Logo, Name Card & Packaging Design

This is an identity design concept for a jewellery business. A friend requested me to make a logo for her small side business. The jewellery she intended to sell are Indian designs and the only requirement for this brief is a pastel colour pallet. The name she gave me to work with is Yamanas which I thought sounded similar to Yamuna (the largest tributary river in India), this name was my initial inspiration.  
The inspiration for the logo is the shapes of rivers flowing from side to side carving paths along the way. As I was sketching I realised that the shapes resembled the ears so I developed them to look like an ear. Later with references to jewellery, I decided to take further inspiration from a teardrop shape, which looks like a water droplet. The final logo is a combination of the river shape, ear shape and the teardrop shape of jewellery.
Initial Logo Sketches | Development:
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